International Microbiome and Multi'omics Standards Alliance


About IMMSA:

The International Microbiome and Multi-Omics Standards Alliance (IMMSA) is an open consortium of microbiome-focused researchers from industry, academia, and government.  IMMSA was formed for the mutual benefit of the entire microbiome scientific community and will focus specifically on coordinating cross-cutting efforts that address microbiome measurement challenges.  IMMSA members are representative experts for all major microbiological ecosystems (e.g. human/animal, built, and environmental ecosystems) and are representative experts from various scientific disciplines including microbiology, bioinformatics, genomics, metagenomics, proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, epidemiology, and statistics. This will naturally expand as the science evolves. While remaining non-hierarchical, IMMSA will consist of a steering committee that oversees the activities of the consortium and implements the major directives of the consortium. 

Upcoming Events

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July 20th, 2023 - 12PM-1PM ET Join here!

Panel Discussion: “Viral Measurement Challenges ” 


Antonio Camargo (Project Scientist, Microbiome Data Science Group, DOE Joint Genome Institute)

Adrian Paskey (Research Scientist, Naval Medical Research Command, Biological Defense Research Directorate)

Simon Roux (Viral Genomics Group Lead, DOE Joint Genome Institute)

October 19th, 2023 

past WebinarS and workshops 



January 19th, 2023 - recording available for IMMSA members

Adam Rivers - USDA/ARS- Open Science to Radically Reduce Microbiome Cost

April 20th, 2023 - recording and notes available for IMMSA members

Panel Discussion: “Opportunities and challenges in the development and use of microbial reference materials” [Robert Schlaberg (Illumina), Hena Ramay (International Microbiome Centre), Ishi Keenum (NIST), Jonathan Jacobs (ATCC)]



August 23-25th, 2022 

First IMMSA workshop. Recording available


January 20th, 2022 12pm EST - recording available for IMMSA members
    Katrine Whiteson - UC Irvine - Looking into the unknowns
    Updates on IMMSA Working Groups - Working Group Leadership Teams

April 21st, 2022, 12pm EDT  - recording available for IMMSA members

Dr. Maryam Goudarzi - SCIEX - Bridging the gap between analytical and microbial science in microbiome research

October 20th, 2022 12pm EDT - recording available for IMMSA members

2022 IMMSA Workshop Summary

Samuel Forry -NIST- Data Preview The Mosaic Interlab Study


April 15th, 2021, 12pm EST - recording available for IMMSA members

Scott Jackson - NIST - IMMSA Re-Launch

Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh - DOE Joint Genome Institute

Siyuan Chen- Twist Bioscience

July 15th, 2021 12pm EST - recording available for IMMSA members

Scott Jackson - NIST- Recent Progress Towards Microbiome Standards Development at NIST 

Jonathan Jacobs and Briana Benton - ATCC - Data Provenance & Authenticity for Microbial Reference Genomes

IMMSA Working Group Launch

October 21st, 2021 12pm EST- recording available for IMMSA members

Denise O'Sullivan - LGC- Microbiome Standards Development at LGC

Michael McLaren - NCSU - Accounting for Taxonomic Bias in Metagenomics Experiments

Updates on IMMSA Working Groups - Working Group Leadership Teams

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Banner image- NIST mixed microbial consortia imaged by SEM. 

Photo Credit: Heidi Leonard, PhD